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  • 1870s 7-String Fretless Banjo

1870s 7-String Fretless Banjo

1870s 7-String Fretless Banjo

Folk art? Maybe. Or maybe not. Once again, my good friend Leo Coulson, The Banjo Guru, says could be, and to quote Leo: "Has a Dobsony-Buckbee vibe… 1879?”. Has an all-wood rim, appears to be of one piece and not laminated, with ultra-cool cast-brass bracket shoes, and the loveliest of hand-carved necks, with slotted peghead, for seven strings, if you like. Fretless, of course, with lovely lines, perhaps of holly, to indicate fret marker positions, and calfskin head. Even the dowel stick is quite charming on this 19th century, very early American banjo; it definitely has a hand-made look to it. A great restoration project for those of you interested in earlier American music, of the very early-banjo kind. Offered as is at $495 w/ssc



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