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  • 1960s Fender Lap Steel Legs (6)

1960s Fender Lap Steel Legs (6)

1960s Fender Lap Steel Legs (6)

How many times have I seen Fender steel guitars with one neck, or two, or three or even four, that are for sale, EXCEPT…… the legs are gone? Dozens, that’s how many, and I’ve turned down buying every one of them; who could play one of those ultra-cool, fabulous sounding things when they have no legs? I’ve seen one very clever substitution, but those were made by a master machinist, not so common a profession these days. Back in the 1980s, when I first became a Fender dealer and instantly rising to the top of their preferred Fender Service Center list as well, I had the curiosity to ask if they had any of those legs still in stock, despite not having made the instruments in over twenty years. And dang, if they didn’t come right back to me saying they had some somewhere and would I like them all? You can bet I jumped on that, and over thirty years later I still have six of them, complete, never used, and in perfect, mint condition. Now that I’m closing my store after over fifty years in this business, here’s your big chance to stock up. All six, complete with internal clutches, tapered clutch rings, and rubber tips. just as I got them; take the whole batch, in their original Fender shipping carton, for $495



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