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  • 1960s Gretsch Tone Changers

1960s Gretsch Tone Changers

1960s Gretsch Tone Changers

The 1960s, start of wacky guitar gadgetry, make you into an instant hero by the simple expedient of spending money. Genuine Gretsch genius in the form of a device to give you instant tremolo capability on your arch-top guitar with no drilling, no alterations to your instrument, and requiring no talent to install or use. Clamp it onto the strings between bridge and tailpiece and VOILA! You are now Chet Atkins! Or Duane Eddy! Just like that! I worked in that Gretsch factory in Brooklyn in the 1960s in about every department there was, from parts making in the wood shop to final guitar assembly and setup (I put together and set up a LOT of Chet Atkins models), to full-time guitar repairs for their endorser celebs, and it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if these had been made and chrome plated in the in-house machine shop and plating shop; we literally did everything needed to make the entire guitars there, from nose to tail. But wait! If you act now, you can have TWO of these fine devices at a bargain price! One with black felt insert and one with red, both virtually unused! A hunnert-twenny-five bucks takes ‘em both. And free shipping! Hurry! $125 the pair.



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