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  • 1960s Truetone Western Auto

1960s Truetone Western Auto

1960s Truetone Western Auto

So you thought that auto parts stores didn’t carry guitars? From what I’m told, think again. This iconic Truetone, the three-pickup darling of the hipster set, has on its pickguard the musical note logo with Crown and a Triangle, symbolic of the letters “W” and “A”, for Western Auto, an independent chain of car parts stores started in California back in 1909 and leveraged into the obscurity of Sears by the 1980s. So apparently, back in the 1960s, someone there had the bright idea of having private-label electric guitars made for them, in this case the eponymous Truetone. Voila! Here it is, your rare opportunity to have the best Truetone on your block, and it’s a winner too. Three hot pickups, a rotary selector switch, and enough controls to cover the dashboard of a Nash Rambler or Crosley Hotshot. And it plays great too, has a wonderful neck, everything else you need to be cool. While it lasts at only $895 w/hsc



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