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  • 1980s Martin D-28 Neck Blank

1980s Martin D-28 Neck Blank

1980s Martin D-28 Neck Blank

They don’t make 'em like this anymore. This recently turned up here, a partially-shaped D-28 neck blank, along with a whole lot of other stuff that’s been buried for decades, and it’s time for it to be put to good use. It is of gorgeous quarter-sawn genuine mahogany in a grade seldom seen today, channel cut for their then-new adjustable truss rod. Peghead shape all cut, with East Indian rosewood veneer; 25.4” scale length, and enough extra meat there to allow for as much as a full 1-7/8" OM-width nut, maybe more, with full-length traditional-fit dovetail. Threaded brass ferrule embedded in face of dovetail, probably to assist in hanging during the finishing process. Martin hasn’t made anything like this in years, and certainly won’t sell first-quality stuff like this to the public anymore. Perfect for a professional or budding young guitar maker, or for all I know, add this to your collection of rare and unusual Martin ephemera that no one else has. $150



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