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Antique Vertical Display Cabinets

Antique Vertical Display Cabinets

We've had this pair of beautiful, solid walnut antique showcases for over forty years and they already had acquired decades of character when we got them. Before us, they were used for displaying antique jewelry; I have no idea who or what what they were originally made for, but they’ve been perfect for showing off our better guitars securely for what seems like forever; they are old friends by now. They were made as a set and originally stood side-to-side but were easily separated, and can be used either together or apart, as we have them. They measure 70-71” W x 20” D x 83” H, with beautiful light-wood paneling on their entire interior backs. Each one has three deep drawers for storage, with interior measurements of 20-1/2” w x 16” D x 6-1/2” H. There are two hidden fluorescent lights in each, probably added long after these showcase were made, and they do the job beautifully. We added the guitar-hanging fixtures ourselves, and they come with plenty of spares, though they are easily removed if you like to suit your own display needs. We’ve had as many as a dozen instruments in each at one time or another, or as few as three four, all looking great, as the guitar hangers slide across to any position and the horizontal bars can be moved up or down. Each pair of sliding glass doors comes with lock and key. We’re sorry to see these go, but are sure that they’ll find a great new home. Autographed pictures and guitars not included, transportation by your own arrangements. $500 each, or $750 for the pair. They just don’t make stuff like  this anymore.



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