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Older Misc Tailpiece Parts

Older Misc Tailpiece Parts

WOW! A whole pile of cool tailpiece parts, just waiting for someone who loves to fool with this stuff! Lessee…….here’s a cool 1950s-60s nickel-plated better-grade Gibson “diamond” tailpiece lacking its hinge; a 1950s Maccaferri tailpiece, slightly cracked underneath, from one of those crazy plastic archtops; the better part of an early ES-175/L-7 tailpiece with ingenious extra plate riveted to it; the best part of a 12-string tailpiece, the bail, impossible to find, ever; the bridge plate from a Strat; part of an Epiphone Frequensator. But wait, there’s more! About a half-dozen, somethings, that appear to be bail wires, with hex nuts, from, something, and what looks like a gold-plated National Duolian tailpiece that a really clever jeweler can laser-weld back together (been there, done it, many times). There are a few more parts in there, too lengthy a list for here, and all yours for only $195



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