Veillette Electric Gryphon Macassar

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Veillette Electric Gryphon Macassar

The Electric Gryphon is a sleek and elegant twist on our classic Acoustic Gryphon. With the same scale length (18.5") and tuning (D-D) as the Acoustic Gryphon, the Electric Gryphon delivers the same playability and comfort that has made the Gryphon instruments one of our most popular designs.

THE JOURNEYMAN electric Gryphon's flat top, piezo pickup and pinless wooden bridge give it looks and feel to perfectly match its acoustic-like tone. Natural, full-range, and organic sounding, the Journeyman Gryphon's chime and complex overtones bring to mind mandolins, bouzoukis, and Cuban guitars, with beautiful natural chorusing from the unison-tuned courses. Our proprietary neck tilt mechanism unites the best aspects of acoustic and electric bridges, offering the tone of a fixed wooden bridge with the adjustability of a metal system. 

Exceptional for "layering" or complementing other guitars, Veillette Gryphons are also perfect for solo artists seeking a truly new texture and tonality.

Compact and travel-ready, Veillette electric Gryphons feature the easily adjustable neck joint system and stylish design features that distinguish all our instruments.



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