• 1917 Martin Style 3 Mandolin

1917 Martin Style 3 Mandolin

1917 Martin Style 3 Mandolin

We have somewhat of a conundrum here. This beautiful, Style 3 Martin bowl-back mandolin has its serial number stamped in the usual place, on the neck block, The number, 1917, sits squarely in 1906, but underneath the top, hand-written in pencil, also in the usual place, is  JHD/1-16-17  JHD was John Deichman, the Martin foreman at the time who was there as late as 1949 (I had a 1938 000-45 years ago that had gotten a new top in 1949, signed and dated by Mr Deichman). This mandolin has Ivoroid binding and tuner buttons, which material had come into use prior to 1917, replacing real ivory in Martin’s production. Perhaps someone goofed when stamping in the serial number? No way to know, more than a hundred years later, but with a little TLC this will make a beautiful, playing instrument. There are 30 Brazilian rosewood ribs, an unusual number, each separated by white holly lines, and there are no cracks or separations anywhere on the instrument. The fingerboard  has fancy inlays from the same company that made them for Martin’s better guitars, and these are nicely different. The soundhole is trimmed with an abalone rosette. The original ivory nut is present, along with the tailpiece and original Ivoroid-buttoned tuners with beautifully hand-engraved backplates. A bit of the end of the peghead is gone as is a tiny pice of trim covering the ends of the rib joints at the heel, inconsequential other than cosmetically. Bridge and case not present. Offered as is for $795



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