• 1930's Grover Archtop Tailpiece

1930's Grover Archtop Tailpiece

1930's Grover Archtop Tailpiece

This is from all appearances a little, if at all used, 1930s top-quality Grover archtop guitar tailpiece, in near-mint condition, which came to me in unusual circumstances. About ten or fifteen years ago I acquired, from a relative of his, the remaining contents of Nicola Turturro’s workshop. Some of you may know Turturro as the maker of those wild “turnover” mandolin/ukuleles, which had eight strings on one side and four on the other, as well as mandolins and archtop guitars. There were some tuning machines, some bridges, ancient string packages (I love that stuff), and at the bottom of the box this beautiful, apparently unused, 1930s Grover archtop guitar tailpiece So here we have it, a very clean vintage example of original Grover hardware, waiting for the right guitar.  $250



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