• 1946 Gibson ES-150

1946 Gibson ES-150

1946 Gibson ES-150

I LIKE this guitar. A LOT.  It’s got a certain solid feel, and look, and tone, that just makes you think of home. 1946, could be 1947, those year/dates are always in some small question but it does have the earlier script logo, which most folks would call 1946, and so will we. Doesn’t really matter, it’s a truly early one and a rare one, with the larger 17” body for a deeper tone and a super-early version of the iconic Gibson P-90 pickup with adjustable pole-pieces. Original stuff too: solid Brazilian rosewood bridge (and fingerboard), frets just totally gone over here, by us, original Gibson tailpiece, Kluson tuners, and it still has its original tortoise pickguard as well. And a nice fat neck, something you can really get into. We don’t see too many of these, certainly not in this fine condition and this fine looking, not to mention this fine playing and sounding and just so comfortable. A most wonderful earlier Gibson electric archtop, ready to go home with you. $2995 w/hsc



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