• 1950s Martin Style 1 Tenor Uke

1950s Martin Style 1 Tenor Uke

1950s Martin Style 1 Tenor Uke

Since Martin ukuleles have no serial numbers, in order to date them we need to rely on experience (identifying features such as binding type, tuner type, etc.), and anecdotal evidence form former owners. This particular Martin tenor uke came to us from the son of its original owner, who tells us that his Dad had it “forever”. By examining its tortoise-type bindings, which it has both top and back, we can tell that the 1950s is about right, as the tortoise binding material Martin was using by the early 1960s looked noticeably different. The uke is in most excellent original condition with hardly any playing wear, and no modifications or repairs ever having been done on it. Original patent tuners with neat black buttons, matching black ebony nut and saddle, the whole shebang. Gorgeous original condition throughout; a very few nicks here and there, just enough to let you know it’s been loved. Martin hasn't made these in decades; comes with a beautiful modern hard shell case. Yours for only $1295 w/hsc



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