• 1953 Martin 00-18

1953 Martin 00-18

1953 Martin 00-18

Sigh, and I mean it. Martin 00-18s just don’t come any sweeter, or more endearing, than this one. From a prime, prime period for Martin guitars, the early 1950s, and a model that everyone, especially writer/player/singers, have fallen in love with since its introduction in the 1930s, this particular example is as fine as they come and finer than almost any one of them I’ve ever played. It’s light and totally rock solid, feels so great just to hold. No neck reset, no cracks (save the tiniest common one at the inner edge of the pickguard, taken care of by us); small jack hole in lower treble bout repaired long ago and so well done that we almost missed it, fine with us. No abuse of any kind, just loving care having been taken of it for well over sixty years. And better yet, the saddle has never been cut down (we did need to almost invisibly fill a few small notches in its top edge) and the action is easy and perfect, the frets original and beautiful, the finish 100% original with a gorgeous patina……….I could go on. It came from the family of its original owner, in Texas, and I just know that it’s going to find a wonderful second home with you. Original hard shell case, unusual.   w/ohsc

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