• 1957 Gibson J-45

1957 Gibson J-45

1957 Gibson J-45

Yow! It’s Cowboy Time! Unless you’re otherwise inclined, which is fine, as the truly great Gibson J-45s, with that big booming bass, don’t come around all that often. Like they say, the music police will not come and arrest you if you want to play heavy metal on an oboe. So go to town with this one as it’s truly great. No molestation or insults ever perpetrated on this old Gibson ever, though someone did play it enough to warrant new frets, which are spectacularly perfect and way better than the originals ever were, plus a light extra coat of finish on the back of the neck, also welcome, as are the perfect replica tuners. Has that great special bridge and saddle that seem to be found only in 1957 on these, early adjustable with ceramic saddle and just slightly larger heads on the adjustment screws. So now to the meat of it: it’s just plain fabulous, has everything you ever heard and felt in that “other” J-45 that you saw years ago, and wasn’t for sale. Or was in terrible condition. Or your better half said "No". It’s the one, and at a price that's not too high in the least. All yours, Dream Gibson Jumbo, right here. $4995 w/hsc



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