• 1960 Gibson LG-1

1960 Gibson LG-1

1960 Gibson LG-1

We love these older Gibson LG-1s; they’re way cool, they’re so comfortable to hold and play, they sound so great, and they’re so affordable in the real world of vintage acoustic guitars. And especially when they’ve got one of these fabulous comfy neck shapes, found only in that very narrow time period from around 1960-61, they just can’t be beat. And this one also has the just-then-introduced slightly wider frets, for real smooth playing. The action is great (courtesy of our own workshop); there are no cracks anywhere save for that typical little Gibson thing along the upper edge of the pickguard, quite solidly taken care of years ago by parties unknown and just vetted by us. As lovely a 1960 Gibson LG-1 as can be found. $1995 w/ossc



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