• 1960s Telestar

1960s Telestar

1960s Telestar

Now tell me just HOW can you resist this? 60s wildest Asian kitsch, in the form of, well, some kinda Fender copy, possibly, or something. About the best Gold Sparkle we’ve seen outside the Fender Custom Shop circa Buck Owens, complete with matching peghead. We got this from an electrical engineer/guitar nut who went over it with a fine-tooth ohmmeter, and we love it. Two hot single-coil pickups with on-off switch for each plus a real pickup selector switch; cool cool faux-tortoise pickguard; bridge adjustable for intonation a-la Tune-o-Matic style, with mysterious lever on side, intent unknown; trem bar thankfully missing from tailpiece and you’ll be glad it is. How can you NOT love this? You’re not too likely to see another. Only $699 w/ossc



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