• 1962 Gibson J-45

1962 Gibson J-45

1962 Gibson J-45

This has got to be the best 1960s Gibson J-45 anyone on staff has ever played, ever. Has that BIG TONE, as only a Gibson Jumbo can have and boy, does it ever have it. Got the right just-a-little-rough look too and it’s 100% solid through and through, courtesy of our own in-house shop. AND….it’s got the right neck, that slightly wider, slightly shallower contour that you can only find in a very early-60s Gibson. Action and playability, of course, same great crew that’s responsible for every guitar here, both old and new, playing exactly the way they’re supposed to. Bridge a solid rosewood Gibson-made one, I suspect from the later 60s (I was getting these from Gibson back then, know exactly how to recognize one), replacing an original adjustable one and way better for it, perfectly done by parties unknown. Typical ancient Gibson crack along the upper edge of the pickguard quite solidly taken care of, also by an unknown, vetted by us. Has an endpin jack with detachable inside connector, ready for whatever soundhole pickup you’d like to use. This J-45 both plays and sounds SO GOOD, and looks so cool, we are in love. And it is ROCK SOLID.  $4495 w/bag

"A road dog with a heart of asphalt." -Pete