• 1968 Martin 000-18

1968 Martin 000-18

1968 Martin 000-18

We’ve always loved Martins from the late-1960s-early 1970s. We were selling them new back then and were always thrilled when we’d open a carton straight from the Martin factory in Nazareth PA, and say “Wow!” How solid is THIS one?”. Now, it’s almost fifty years later and I’m still so happy when I come across a real nice, clean, Martin from that period, especially a 000-size one, which are considerably rarer than their Dreadnaught counterparts. And this one is no exception, is just terrific. Its nut and saddle and Grover tuners are original Martin, it has no cracks anywhere save for the typical tiny one alongside the inner edge of the pickguard, nicely dealt with long ago; the pickguard itself is a perfect (and I don’t say that lightly) nice black replacement. The action is perfectly correct, and its tone has all the clarity and balance that only a Martin 000-18 can have. This wonderful and lovely, nearly fifty-year-old Martin can be yours for only $3595 w/hsc



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