• 1973 Martin D-18

1973 Martin D-18

1973 Martin D-18

Once again, from one of the most solid periods of building of Martin guitars ever, this D-18 from 1973. It’s one of my favorite times and I always keep a lookout for real nice examples; this is certainly one. Never messed with, never fooled with, never needed a single repair of any kind (other than the tiniest of well-repaired “B-string cracks, you'd be hard put to find it). It plays like the day it was made at Martin; still has its original ivory nut and saddle (which someone has thoughtfully compensated), one of the last to get these, American-made Grovers too. Strap button in heel, someone's preference. Great price, only a few hundred bucks more than a new D-18 for one that’s about perfect after more than forty years of loving ownership. And it’s clean. $2995 w/hsc



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