• 2012 Martin Custom Shop M-17 Triple Sunburst

2012 Martin Custom Shop M-17 Triple Sunburst

2012 Martin Custom Shop M-17 Triple Sunburst

From Martin’s Custom Shop, specially made for us with all the dimensions that I had designed for the original Steve Earle M-21 Custom, but with the back, sides and top all being of genuine Honduran mahogany, as in the 0-17 models of the 1930s. And even better than that, I had talked at the time with Martin’s top finishing person, asked if he could duplicate for me the unique sunburst found only on one particular short run of 0-17s from 1933 with a fine, mild sunburst finish on the entire guitar, even the edges of the back of the neck, and he said “Of course”. We had only four of these made and they were all fabulous, with a most unusual combination of the clarity and warmth that only a mahogany top can give and the power and tonal balance that can come from nowhere but the size and scale length of a custom-made Martin M-size guitar. Playability still perfect, as expected, literally no fret wear, and about 99% cosmetically save for a minor blemish near the endpin jack, result of misguided attempt at reptile dentistry, installation of an LR Baggs pickup (it works) by parties unknown in New Jersey, inconsequential and now rendered near invisible by us. This is the first and only one of these guitars to have shown up on the aftermarket; the other three owners will never give theirs up. Wonderful, unique, and a heart-throb. $3495 w/ohsc



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