• 2013 Ome Oro

2013 Ome Oro

2013 Ome Oro

Wow! An OME banjo, absolutely and with no doubt about it the neatest, most beautifully designed and made banjos sold in America, ever (IMHO) and made here as well. With the OME Company making only about 150 banjos a year, these folks, since the 1960s, have been at the forefront of those who Know Their Stuff, and we couldn't be happier to have it. We’ve been OME dealers for years (one of maybe only 15-20 anywhere?), and we sold this banjo new a few years ago. In theory, it’s a model that doesn’t exist, as it’s got the full-tilt Mastertone type flat-head tone ring and one-piece resonator flange of the top banjos of the world, and genuine ebony fingerboard and satin finish. It originally came in at a price below $3K, something that just doesn’t happen anymore and rarely did, at least not for the last twenty years. It was bought from us new by someone who soon realized that banjo playing just wasn’t for him, and we’ve now got it back, in literally perfect, unplayed condition. Complete with deluxe hard shell case, will be yours for only $1995 w/ohsc



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