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  • 1996 Deering 6 String Banjo Owned by John Sebastian

1996 Deering 6 String Banjo Owned by John Sebastian

1996 Deering 6 String Banjo Owned by John Sebastian

Those of us who are too young to know the name John Sebastian, or the top-selling 1960s band the Lovin’ Spoonful, surely know John’s music; the songs "What a Day For a Daydream", "Do You Believe In Magic”, and maybe even "Nashville Cats” and “Welcome Back”, the theme from the Welcome Back Kotter TV show, all of which John wrote and performed with the band and had million-seller hits of. This Deering “John Hartford” model six-string banjo (doesn’t say that on it but it’s what John Hartford used), or guitar-banjo as some call them, came to me directly from John Sebastian. He used it as a main instrument performing for many years with his more recent group, The J-Band, with Jimmy Vivino and Jim Kweskin, among others, all over America. It was made for John by Deering, the noted American banjo company, and is by far the very, very best, best-sounding, guitar banjo I’ve ever played in my entire fifty-plus years in this business. It’s got a maple rim, gorgeously flamed-maple neck and resonator, and a solid ebony, slightly-radiused fingerboard; Genuine German-made Schaller tuning machines and the best, best active banjo pickup I’ve ever seen or heard, custom-made by Chris Grenner specially for this instrument and for John, and a special padded banjo strap by Levy’s. But wait, there’s more! Not only are there two spare heads for the banjo but also included is a printed set list with hand-written notes on it, for a J-band performance in 2015 which included Jim Kweskin, and Geoff and Maria Muldaur. And, believe it or not, a couple of tie-dye-printed business cards from a woman maker of wooden kazoos in Woodstock, NY (I know, I know, Woodstock, fer cryin’ out loud, but John actually did put these cards in the case). And, best of all…a hand-written, signed letter from John, on my stationery, attesting to, well, everything, and more. Cain’t find nuthin’ like this nowhere else. $2995 w/helluva case



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