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  • 2006 Fender Aerodyne Strat MIJ

2006 Fender Aerodyne Strat MIJ

2006 Fender Aerodyne Strat MIJ

We sold quite a number of Fender’s most beautifully crafted Made In Japan line during the 35 years that we were Fender dealers, and every single one of them was perfection itself; beautiful lines, and all so cleanly done. The Aerodyne Strat was a lovely and unique version of the most traditional Fender model. With its top being just slightly and beautifully curved with neat white binding around its edge, the combination of exotic flamed maple for the top, along with matching peghead finish, gives it a most exquisite look. The pickups and controls are all Strat, all the way, including a middle pickup that’s reverse-wound/reverse-polarity (RWRP) for terrific noise canceling when you’ve got pickups 1 and 2, or 2 and 3, on at the same time, making great use of its 5-way switch. In near-mint virtually unplayed condition, you’ll knock ‘em out with this stunning Fender Strat. Comes with a real nice gig bag too. $699 w/b



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