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  • 2016 Hagstrom Viking Lefty

2016 Hagstrom Viking Lefty

2016 Hagstrom Viking Lefty

Somebody’s going to have a field day with this. It’s a modern recreation of a 1960s classic, the Hagstrom Viking, but so much more neatly constructed than the originals. And it’s lefty! And it's black! Two cool Gibson-style Humbuckers, Gibson Nashville-style Tune-o-matic bridge; crazy-wild harp-style tailpiece with the Hagstrom logo on it with two gold prancing lions and SWEDISH DESIGN in teeny illegible letters. C’mon now, how cool is this? And it's in perfect, just about never-used condition, nice and shiny from stem to stern, all gone over right here in our own world-famous shop. And did I say that IT'S BLACK??!!?? And LEFTY??!!?? Now where else are you going to find one of these?!!?? Even the tailpiece is lefty. Sorry, no case, but it’s only $549



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