1960s-90s Gretsch Pickguards and Pickup Surrounds

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1960s-90s Gretsch Pickguards and Pickup Surrounds

I hardly know what to say about this collection of Gretsch parts. Some of them are from the current Gretsch deal under the leadership of Fender. Some of them came to me in the 80s-90s from Duke Kramer, who had worked in the sales department of the original Gretsch factory in Brooklyn. I knew Duke and his wife Fritzi well; they were wonderful people. After Duke retired, they moved back to Ohio and Duke somehow got ahold of a lot of Gretsch pickup surrounds and other parts and sold them; he was the only Gretsch parts source anywhere for decades. Some of these parts came to me from Duke back then; some I have no idea, might even be from the original factory when I worked there in 1964. There are four pickguards and fifteen pickup surrounds, a few with a $75 price still on them. Some need their paint refreshed. The entire lot is yours for $149



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