• 1990s Ibanez Reb Beach

1990s Ibanez Reb Beach

1990s Ibanez Reb Beach

Wild stuff! This Ibanez Reb Beach Model came to me from an acoustic guitar player who couldn’t remember why he bought it in the first place, and so he just plain never played it. It is in 99% condition with literally no fret wear, and no wear showing anywhere, at all. The body is genuine mahogany with a Koa top; the neck is solid rosewood with a separate rosewood fingerboard. Got those beautiful smooth wide frets for all the slippin’ around that you Metal folks do, and of course the full-bore Floyd Rose Tremolo system, locking nut and all, with all of its hardware being heavily gold-plated. EMG pickups all around; five-way pickup selector switch; volume knob with push-pull for……something, and another mini-toggle switch for…..something else, and I’ll bet once again that all you Metal folks are way ahead of me on this one. And……. it’s autographed on its back control plate by Reb Beach his own self, says “Reb beach 92  #69” in fab silver marker script. What I also know is that it’s all beautifully set up, plays like a dream, is in gorgeous condition and that everyone tells me that I’m selling it too cheaply but this is what the owner asked me to do so here it is, complete with original Ibanez hard shell case for only $2895 w/ohsc



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