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19th Cent Bone Pin Set w/ Abalone Dots  if you are in need of individuals to match your ...

I’ve been accumulating older bridge pins here since the early 1960s; 19th-century ones of bone, some with abalone dots, early-mid 20th-century ones, mostly from older Martins. Some are in complete sets, some are partial sets. (Please email directly to  if you are in need of individuals to match your own incomplete set). This particular set is extremely rare as well as quite lovely in that all six match, and the abalone dots on top are intact in five of them. Being all hand-made, dimensions will vary slightly though these are remarkably consistent: 15/16” length below the head, 13/64” dia. ... None

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Vintage Bridge Pins

Bridge pins. Really? Who’d be interested in something as seemingly minor and ancillary as vintage bridge pins? Apparently, and judging by the responses I’ve gotten from so many of you regarding the twenty or thirty sets I’ve put up on my website recently, quite a number of you. I’ve culled ...

Our Original Sign

The Sign. That sign. It hung in the window of my first store, at 35 Bedford Street here in The Village, from about 1970 until I moved to 276 Bleecker Street in 1977, across from where I’ve been since 1982, at 273 Bleecker. When Susie Ruskin and I decided to open our ...